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We strive to give back to the community by donating flowers/bouquets as we can to those who need some beauty in their lives.

At Anders Family Farm, we grow our own unique, sustainable, and organic flowers for your wedding. Our goal is to take our flowers, and personalize them to you. We strive for the freshest, most lush flowers possible so that our flowers compliment your big day.

We use only Organic growing processes on our farm, and practice sustainable farming as much as possible.

With our farm you commit to seasonal grown flowers, and we commit to doing everything we can to create beautiful flowers for your wedding.

Booking ahead of time will ensure that we can have as many flowers that you are seeking available. But don't worry, we have all types of dazzling blooms available during the growing season, and can make many color pallets work.

If you want gorgoues flowers for your wedding day, and the best service we can offer.  Then please email us today! 

Is to provide our community with beautiful flowers grown organically, and sustainably.

Our family run farm is located in Veneta, Oregon. 

Juliana Rose Photography

Juliana Rose Photography

Juliana Rose Photography

Juliana Rose Photography

Sage and Lotus Visuals

Sage and Lotus Visuals

Sage and Lotus Visuals

DIY Brides

On a tighter budget? Looking to do your own flowers? DIY brides are welcome too!

We will coordiate your main color choices, and fill your bucket with the perfect mix of beautiful blooms, and accenting foliage.

Each bucket will include 30-50 stems and costs $65, including the bucket, and delivery to meet in West Eugene for pick up.

Everything will be picked the day before to ensure the freshest blooms.

The sooner you book your buckets the better, as we can only offer these after market bouquets, and booked weddings.

Please email us for more information.


Juliana Rose Photography


As with any flower, anyone could have an alergic reaction at any time. We ask that you please becareful when handling our flowers. Especially if you have allergies. There are some specific flowers that can cause an irritation when coming into contact with the sap. So, to be safe we ask that you are careful when changing the water as well as when you recut the stems for longer vase life.

Please do not let this deter you from ejoying the beauty of nature. We just want everyone to be informed, and as safe as possible.